Meeting Mr. Soul Glow

Meet Jason, aka “Mr. Soul Glow”, his joy and soul glows brightly!

Music, for a musician, sometimes becomes a job, a procession of obligatory responsibilities and commitments, of managing people and battling weather, and often the simple joy of playing gets forgotten in the flurry of rehearsals and perpetual preparation. The criteria for success becomes crowd sizes and the quality of sound, and the next venue that invites us to perform, and “good” gigs that pay well. Art becomes a series of checklists and business proposals, and it is easy to lose sight of how privileged we are to get to create sound where, before, there was none, and we forget what music can do to others, and how what it does to them can change us.

We recently played a show at The Shed BBQ and Blues, a venue in Mississippi, and it began like any other, with jokes and our usual preoccupations with sound quality and amp placement, and drum mics and free meals. We had no idea what a special night that night would become, and how one little boy would change us, and transform our music with his joy. As we began, a couple escorted their son to a table, rolling his wheelchair over the uneven ground to a nearby table, where he had an unobstructed view of the rowdy band that stood before him. We noticed him, as he did us, and during the break spoke with him and his parents, and welcomed them to the show.

As we began our second set, his smile grew bigger as we grew louder, and he seemed to set the pace for the music as he bobbed his head, and before long, we invited him on stage. His father carried him, bringing him onto the stage, getting down on his knees so that he could hold his son up, and we surrounded that little boy, our instruments close to him, washing him in sound, and his father held him as we forgot the crowd, and the venues, the responsibilities and obligations, the hope for the next “good” gig, and simply played to the only person there that mattered to us, and whose joy ignited our love of music.

Some people have a precious magic in them and they awaken the magic in others. His father would later tell us how much it meant, and how he would never forget it, how his beloved son had turned to him and said, “Daddy, I love this”. What he couldn’t know is that we were the ones that would never forget; We were the ones who “loved this”, and we were reminded of all of that by that sweet little boy being held in his fathers arms. His name is Jason, and that night, we played for him. The truth is we have “sounded” better, but we have NEVER played better, or with such passion. We owe all that to Jason. aka Mr. Soul Glow


We sent our new friend Jason a Custom Made Noiswater T-shirt

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